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  • Robert's Review, April 2018
    Posted On: Apr 02, 2018
    ROBERT DAVIS, Sgt.-At-Arms

    Guess who’s back. In life sometimes you have to fight for what you want and anyone that knows me personally will tell you I don’t mind a good fight. Someone didn’t get that memo, but they know now.
    People assumed after the election on November 20th, that the new board would take over but we actually didn’t until January 29th. Now that we have been sworn-in, there are a lot of changes that are being made to better serve our members. The first is an amnesty period starting January 29th through April 29th. What that means is anyone wishing to join the PBA can now do so without a back pay penalty. We heard from a lot of officers while campaigning that they wanted to become members but could not afford the back pay. We made a promise to address this issue and it is being solved. Anyone wishing to join can contact Margarita here at the PBA (305) 593-0044. 

    The scholarship program is now open anyone that has a child graduating this year, that is enroute to college. You have to be a member in good standing to apply, but we all know with college, every little bit helps. Call Jenny at (305) 593-0044 to request an application. Applications will be accepted up until Friday, May 4th. 

    Let’s get down to business: I have been told that some bureaus are not complying with the 10% rule change. Just so we are clear, the 10% only applies to vacation and should be going back to the original way that vacation request were done. 

    For example, if you have 100 people assigned to staff a shift, 10 people can be granted vacation. Now here is where it gets tricky — if you have 101 people assigned to the shift, assigned vacation now jumps to 11. No more FMLA and sick time counting in vacation time. If you have an issue with the numbers not being right for the amount of leave or if your supervisors are still trying to add other leave in with vacation,  please call the PBA and ask for me or an attorney and we will look into resolving the issue. 

    Our current fight with the department is the U that are being issued to employees without due process. I can speak frankly about this issue and it might not be exactly the way the PBA attorneys see it, is that this is a form of discipline without due process. It is just amazing to me how you can be allowed to punish someone first, and then that person has to prove they’re innocent. I thought this was America and people are innocent until proven guilty. Look, let’s be honest, some people are going to take advantage of every opportunity to beat the systems that are in place. But again, my opinion and not that of the PBA, is the department knows who these abusers are and, believe or not, it’s not very many considering how large the department is. Punish them and not the whole department. Too often the department tries to lump everyone in the same boat and it just doesn’t work and is not good for department morale. We all know there are some bad apples in the bunch — deal with them. A grievance has been filed to resolve this issue, as with the 10% vacation change. It will take some time to be resolved and when it is, I will let you all know. 

    On a lighter note, contact Georgianne here at the PBA if you would like a picture of your newly born babies to be featured in our Little Rookies section of the Heat: (305) 593-0044. Last but not least, I would like to thank both MDCR and MDPD for voting for me in this last election, I promise to try my best to live up to your expectations. THANK YOU. 

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