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  • Robert's Review, October 2018
    Updated On: Oct 03, 2018
    ROBERT DAVIS, Sgt.-At-Arms

    The month of October is here. Boy, how time flies as you get older. As everyone is aware, we are currently in contract negotiations with the County and we are hopeful that this issue will be resolved soon. We look forward to presenting a contract that we know our members will approve. Trust me, I want a raise too. I feel it’s long overdue and who better to fight for you than people that are still employed. 

    Department news

    It seems to me that our officers forget that, 24 hours a day, they are being recorded on video. These videos are being used by the Department to sustain cases against officers even when no complaints are being made. Trust me, always be mindful of the cameras and their locations. It seems that we have not adapted as well as the police department, and I think it’s because they wear body cameras so they are always mindful of its presence. 

    I have been told that we are getting body cameras and tasers to be used on combative inmates. It’s about time. Miami-Dade has the second largest correctional facilities in the US, but we seem to lag behind on modern tools that other departments have had access to for years. This has to stop. Our command staff knows better than anyone the tools at their disposal. We need to put our big boy pants on and spend the money to ensure our officers have access to the best safety equipment that money can buy. It’s very frustrating when I go to Corrections seminars and visit other jails and see that these small departments have better tools at their disposal than we do. These advancements will also ensure fewer injuries to staff and inmates saving the department money in the long term. I mean come on folks, we’re a family, right? 

    Recently I had a supervisor try to insult me by stating that the officer I was helping didn’t deserve my efforts. I didn’t take it as an insult, I took it as a compliment. You see, I still remember when I worked in a facility and supervisors would try to take advantage of their positions, and, for no good reason, would say no to simple requests or try to make me do things that were not in my job description. It was very frustrating to me how they would try to make things difficult for no other reason than they could. I am here to help officers whenever I can and I use the same vigor that I once used with problem inmates to assist officers now. It’s a great feeling to hear “thank you” from officers that I have assisted. Oh, and about that supervisor, I was able to get it done for the officer. That’s really all I’m concerned about. 

    Social media is something you want to stay away from especially when wearing your uniform. Please, people, stay off of social media in uniform and be mindful of the company you keep, you never know when they are recording. The story won’t be about what you did, as much as who you represent. It seems that this new generation seems to think that filming everything is no big deal, well it is-- especially if you're in uniform. You are not only representing yourself but the whole department when your out and about in uniform. 

    Always assume that someone has a camera filming you. Great news! There is a new president of the Florida PBA. His name is John Kazanjian, also known as “Kaz.” I met Kaz years ago at an event he was hosting. He has been the West Palm Beach PBA President for years. When I met him at the event, he was out back manning a grill, cooking for the attendees. I remember thinking to myself - that’s different. The former President of our group thought it was beneath him to get his hands dirty but he would sure show up for the photo opp. I remember asking Kaz if he needed my help and he graciously told me to go back inside and enjoy the event. I am incredibly optimistic about the future of the Florida PBA under new leadership and I am confident that we have the right man for the job. Dade County PBA will continue to support you as you lead us into a bright future. 

    As always in closing, stay safe out there.

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