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  • Robert's Review, August 2018
    Updated On: Aug 06, 2018
    ROBERT DAVIS, Sgt.-At-Arms

    The month of August is here and although this year seems to be flying by, I have to remind everyone that your PBA Board of Directors have only been on the job for six months. We have made a lot of changes on how the PBA conducts business and, from the record number of members attending our events, people are supporting us like never before. Our major focus now is providing our members with a new contract. We have not lost sight of the fact that our members gave up a lot in the County’s time of need. Now we want to get our members the best contract possible to ensure that the community continues to receive the services that they have become accustomed to. This is priority number one for this new PBA Board. 

    On a lighter note, while doing a tour of TGK with President Steadman Stahl, it was nice to see how well he was received. It was also nice that it was Steadman’s idea to visit the facilities. In the past when I would ask the prior president to visit the facilities he would always say “no,” and it was apparent to me that he was not interested in going. (Wow, looking back now wasn’t that a big mistake on his part?) Corrections spoke up loud and clear when they voted and our new president heard you loud and clear. 

    Our new issue with the department is some of the administration wants to go to 10 hour shifts and they believe that they can just do it without consequences. We have already advised them to stop, but if they insist we will take appropriate action. Remember when they lumped all of the days off requests into the 10%? We have proven that we will fight for the rights of the officers. It also shows that management just can’t do whatever they want at the expense of the officers. That’s why the union is so important. I would hate to see what the department would look like without one. 

    As always, in closing, stay safe out there.

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