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  • Robert's Reviews - April 2017
    Updated On: Apr 03, 2017
    ROBERT DAVIS, PBA Sergeant-At-Arms

    April fool anyone, this year is flying by and there is always so much to get done. My latest area of complaint comes from officers working in the sanitation areas of all facilities. It seems that once again, someone at Headquarters has decided that this would be a good area to cut staff by up to 40%. I wonder if these people understand that these jails operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The people that we house are the filthiest society has to offer. Places like the jail and now TGK are never clean enough and now they want to cut staffing for those responsible for cleaning them. 

    It seems that these people forget why sanitation staff and custodial staff were increased in the first place. Anyone remember the STAPH INFECTIONS? It was because of that and several other communicable diseases that Corrections was forced to treat sanitation as a necessary part of housing inmates, and not rely on the inmates to clean up behind themselves. Some facilities such as TGK are supposed to have up to 16 custodial workers but are only assigned 3, yes 3, for the whole facility. Now how is that going to work? Simple, it’s not. 

    We shouldn’t have to wait for another outbreak of some filthy disease to take action. Officers and inmates need to be kept safe not only at work but remember, these officers go home and their families shouldn’t be put at risk because someone wanted to save overtime. It’s very simple, if you want to cut down on the overtime don’t suspend the academy. There is a thought. Mayor Gimenez claims we have all this money, then why no academy classes? Something doesn’t smell right. We have closed facilities, we have cut staffing and still there is overtime. It’s because people are quitting as soon as they’re eligible and in a lot of cases before they are. We are losing, on average, 10 officers per month and there are no replacements coming in. So let’s be clear - any cuts simply put officers and inmates at risk. As always, in closing, stay safe out there.

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