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  • Pablo's Pullitas - November 2017
    Updated On: Oct 20, 2017
    PABLO LIMA, PBA Vice President

    Welcome Back! Thank you for your valuable time. 

    PBA Elections- What You NEED to Know!

    As I’ve always indicated elections have consequences. We all need to vote and we should make an informed selection. I understand that our day-to-day lives are busy enough, but please take the time to keep abreast of the issues which not only affect your career now, but beyond retirement as well! This is where your PBA team comes in- and why you need a solid and united team under the leadership of a proven and highly successful president. John Rivera has been your president and has brought the PBA from the brink of disaster to one of the most respected and major players in local, state and national politics- all of which affect you directly. He is respected (and revered by some of the of the most experienced lawmakers) for his tenacity, negotiation skills (he knows when to dish out a dose of love, and when to exact forceful words to get people’s attention) and no holds barred praise for the men and women of law enforcement. He makes no apologies for sticking up for his people.

    I come in (along with a stellar team of attorneys, social media and PR personnel to name a few) to enhance the services and benefits we offer you, the members. Daily fundraising and lobbying efforts must ensue, and this must be done with vigor and energized intent. Taking selfies does not get the job done! In fact, that takes away from the 12 hour days (sometimes more) I put in along with some incredible people that deserve a mention- President Rivera, Luis Fuste, Nikki Sears, Stephanie Womble and Blanca Torrents Greenwood (and the rest of the legal team) to raise the funds needed for the Love Fund and educational seminars such as the one I spearheaded earlier this year – known as the Heart and Lung Bill seminar. I am proud to have been able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep programs and emergency funding alive for you and your families. 

    At the helm of President Rivera, the PBA has become a formidable power player in legislative issues throughout the entire State of Florida. To keep the momentum going, and to ensure that WE NEVER GO BACK to just a social setting (a beer or two won’t get you off the hook from a police involved shooting, a BOGUS INMATE complaint or inappropriate administrative action against you), we have to vote for a team that shares the same passion and dedication that’s needed to get the job done. I humbly ask you to cast your votes for President John Rivera, for me, VP Pablo Lima, and Sergeant at Arms Michelle Durand. I take the role I play and tasks involved extremely seriously; often at the sacrifice of my personal life- but the greater cause in life is giving back to you, and protecting those who protect the community at large.

    And to our newest members -  while I am not an expert in social media or a selfie king (12 hour workdays limit my time to do so), please do your research and to find out which of us at the PBA have a proven track record of doing the hard work. I invite you to call my personal cell number any time, with any questions or concerns you may have.

    Careful Who You Vote For! 

    Stay informed, take the time to research all the candidates, because the consequences are too risky- to the tune of the next four years!

    I am Asking for Your Vote!
    ?  If you honor me with your vote I promise to keep you informed and fight for your rights, as I have done throughout my tenure at the PBA. Each year I raise hundreds of thousands of dollars towards the Love Fund - which is a critical supportive financial lifeline for our members and their families in their time of need.
    ?  I attend roll calls throughout the county for police, corrections and communications; teaching you all about your rights under the Heart and Lung Bill, as well as financial seminars to guide you in the right direction towards a secure retirement and beyond.
    ?  ­­I am actively involved in the political arena so you don’t have to be involved in dirty politics. After all, you have enough to worry about while on duty.
    ?  I also take an active role of keeping you informed in my monthly articles and/or our weekly radio show.

    With your vote, I hope to be able to continue to do this and more, along with President John Rivera for the next four years. 

    In closing, please be informed on our issues and help us support those who support you. I welcome your comments at pablo@dcpba.org or call me at: (305) 593-0044 or my cell at (305) 450-9051. For those who are active on social media contact me via Facebook @pablolima or via Instagram @pablopba. If I don’t have the answer, we have seven in-house attorneys as well as an outstanding support staff who do!

    Again, I thank you for your time and more importantly, for the job you do. Please make sure to protect yourself and your partner at all times. Remember, your PBA is always working to protect your rights, and we thank you for the opportunity to do so.

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