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    Dade County

    Rapid Response
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      President's Message

      The year 2016 will undoubtedly be a new beginning. For starters, we will have a new U.S. President, for better, or for worse. Either way, new challenges will emerge. We will have new congressional challenges. Same goes for judicial races and locally; we will either keep the same anti-law enforcement, anti-public safety, county administration, or go in a new direction.

      Stead Says

      Love is in the air, and I don't mean Valentine's Day love!! The County is now playing catch up, it’s in full gear on hiring police officers, dispatchers and other county personnel. We are buying cars, cleaning parks and cutting the grass at record pace. Now what could be the cause of all this good will coming from downtown? Yes, you got it, its election time.

      Pablo's Pullitas

      Welcome back. I hope you are keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions. Mine has been a battle to properly balance my time or the physical fitness portion is going to kill me sooner than later. Our legal staff asked me to remind you that February 14th is Valentine’s Day.

      Robert's Reviews

      By Robert Davis, PBA Sergeant-At-Arms robert@dcpba.org Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I hope you spend Valentine’s Day with the ones you love, and perhaps more importantly, the ones who love you.  Now down to business: on January 29, the PBA had a hearing with PERC the labor courts.

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