President’s Message


Our moment is getting closer. August 14th is right around the corner. Please make sure that you remain focused and committed to sending Mayor Gimenez to a rightful place.

If he remains in power his intentions are to take more from your paycheck. If you’re ok with that, then don’t do much and wait for it to happen. If you are pissed that the Mayor already took from you and want to prevent it from reoccurring, then the easiest way to achieve that is to vote and get family and friends to do the same.

We will be posting our recommendations as to who to vote for. In some races, we may ask that you vote for no one at all. Please follow our guidance; it helps send these elected officials a strong message. Many elected officials crap all over us and then have the gall to come and ask for our help. We must treat them in the same fashion as they treat us. Sometimes they try to make it up and we, being the benevolent association that we are, remain open-minded. I hope you all get my drift.

The PBA goes through a great deal of effort to obtain information on the candidates so we can pass it on to you and your family and friends. At times, it may not make much sense to you but we are very strategic and purposeful when we make our choices. Sadly, we cannot explain every case openly but be mindful that we always have your best interests at heart. Let me share one such instance.

Recently, you’ve probably heard the PBA make a big issue about the proper collection of unpaid Homestead taxes and the appropriate fines. Pedro Garcia, the current Property Appraiser, has been timid about pursuing tax cheats perhaps because of his upcoming election. He may feel that he would be creating enemies right before his re-election bid, which seems to be holding him back. One would automatically think that the PBA wouldn’t support him. Under normal circumstances, that would be correct, however, former House Representative Carlos Lopez-Cantera has decided to run for that position. Lopez-Cantera is the very same person who had a republican leadership role (not that he’s a real leader mind you) that attacked all employee rights and benefits. He is directly responsible for attacks against our pensions. He attacked the standard FRS, also known as the defined benefits, and most recently the defined contribution, otherwise referred to as the investment plan. 

If you’re in the investment plan, Lopez-Cantera is the one to thank. He was one of a small group of elected officials who were the architects of the anti-employee movement. Here’s what I consider a snotty-nosed spoiled brat, who was raised with a silver spoon in mouth, who is attacking people who actually work for a living and who continue to contribute something to society, unlike Lopez-Cantera. He would be nothing without daddy’s money, yet he plays a bad ass within his republican narcissist support group. 

 He is also the one to thank for removing the FRS, which is pending appeal to the Florida Supreme Court, after we won the lawsuit, along with the teachers. Lopez-Cantera is also  the one to thank for the privatization of our state correctional facilities, which has also been won by us in a law suit. Let’s not stop there – Lopez-Cantera also pushed to unconstitutionally give businesses tax breaks as long as they didn’t employ union workers. On yet another bill Lopez-Cantera led the charge to disallow employees to have access to be represented by labor unions. The list goes on, but suffice it to say that this kid, who apparently suffers from short man attitude syndrome, seems to hate people who work for an honest day’s pay. Lopez-Cantera has also voted for and pushed legislation for higher fees and other ways that taxes our people but aren’t really called a tax, wink-wink.

As you can see, it would be foolish to help him get another elected position, so it has become more important to keep him away from the Property Appraiser’s office than it is to go against the current Property Appraiser, Pedro Garcia.

Additionally, Lopez-Cantera considers Governor Rick Scott and Mayor Carlos Gimenez as mentors. Their master plan is to have Gimenez serve 8 more years as Mayor, have Lopez-Cantera as Property Appraiser for that same time period and then Lopez-Cantera step in as Mayor. Think about it – 16 years of pure misery and anti-employee folks at the top. Is that what you really want?

Please help us help you. Vote and get your friends and family to pitch in.

Hard to believe

Being involved in the PBA for as long as I have has certainly toughened my skin and seldom am I shocked about a new revelation brought before me, or about anything quite frankly. We’ve dealt with it all, from politicians to our very own, including having to deal with an uninformed, ill-mannered and seemingly ill-bred member or two at times.

But, recently I was informed that a couple of junior officers are actually supporting Gimenez. That statement simply made me scratch my head. That is one that I truly don’t understand. Here is a demonic type of politician who took from your wallets and family’s table and you’re thinking of helping the very guy directly responsible for trying to destroy you? Please, if anyone has information that can help me understand that logic, contact me. Not only does he want more from your wallet, but he is destroying MDPD. Pay attention to what’s going on folks. In addition to the collective bargaining issues, Gimenez is trying to incorporate all of Miami-Dade, causing MDPD to be disseminated and thus not having the need for officers, otherwise known as employees.

Don’t take my word for it. Just look it up and see who makes up the Charter Review Committee. Most are pro-incorporation people who have actively and publicly promoted the elimination of all unincorporated areas. After all, it is Miami-Dade County. While other more progressive areas, such as Broward and Jacksonville, which are just two of many, are going the other way, Miami-Dade is notorious for doing things archaic and backwards.

So, if you wish to support your demise and that of those who follow you, maybe even children that wish to follow your career path, voting for, helping or even uttering supportive words for Gimenez is counterproductive.

Congratulations to all the honorees. I hope that each of you and your loved ones had an exceptional evening. I heard from so many family members who were glowing with pride and they had every right to be. Each of our honorees has not only made their families proud, but our entire law enforcement community is proud of each of you as well.

Thank you to all who came, including the elected officials, and supported our honorees and survivors. We thank Vice President Joe Biden for his kind words. He was making every effort to make a surprise visit but the Nation came calling, and, at the last minute, the Vice President provided a pre-recorded video message to all of us, especially the honorees.

Once again, the evening was spectacular and memorable. We appreciate our sponsors who made the night possible, as well as all the honor guard. Director Loftus, along with Chiefs Maas and Hunker are highlighted for all of their continued support. This one of a kind event is truly a fitting tribute to our finest and I would take this moment to thank all of the PBA staff for volunteering and making the night flawless. Stephanie, Doyla, and our lovely ladies at the check-in desk were extraordinary. Thank you all for your hard work.

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